Product and Safety Information

Around 46% of car users with a Child or Baby on board sign don’t remove them when their child isn’t in the vehicle.

We at Malibabi want to remind drivers with infants of the importance of using the sign correctly,  when your child is in the car only, to help save lives in an accident or emergency.

Remove sign when your child is not in the car with you

The Malibabi baby/child on board sign comes with a handy rear view mirror reminder to  take the sign out of the car if you are travelling without your child.

Why is this important?

Our emergency services – fire brigade, ambulance, police services – use them as an important sign in an emergency that a child is in the vehicle. If your car is involved in an emergency or accident, emergency services are obliged to search the car and the surrounding area for a child if there is a Baby/Child on Board sign on display.

Removing the sign when your child or baby isn’t in the car with you, could save paramedics’ time, and in so doing, could ultimately save a life. Its that important.



Our signs are made with photoluminescent material which makes them glow-in-the-dark so they are still clearly visible at low light levels, including night time, foggy or Wintry conditions or in tunnels and when used on tinted windscreens. This means the important message that you have a baby or child on board is always clear to other drivers, no matter what the time of day or type of weather.

What exactly is Photoluminescence and how does it make the sign ‘glow-in-the-dark’?

The glow-in-the-dark material has a phosphor applied to it which absorbs light radiation and emits it back out, creating a ‘glow’. When the sign is exposed to light, it absorbs the radiation that the light gives out. Any type of light will work but the stronger the light the more radiation can be absorbed, and the better ‘charged’ the sign will be.

The ‘glow’ from the sign is the light energy that was absorbed by the light being emitted out again.  Here’s the science bit: the photons within the phosphor move around rapidly,  thus creating the light of the ‘glow’.  Its pretty clever stuff and makes for a much safer sign.

How to ‘charge’ your sign with light

The sign will ‘charge’ in daylight in your car windscreen, or you can place it in a well lit room under artificial lights for a good few hours.  If you have tinted windows or park your car in a garage or dimly lit area in the day, we recommend re-charging it under a bright light for a few hours regularly as the ‘glow’ will start to fade when the sign isn’t exposed to any light source for a period of time.

The more light energy the sign can absorb before any light source is removed, the better basically. If you shine a very bright light onto the sign for a long period of time it will glow for longer than if you only expose the sign to light for a short time.  Placing it in a well lit room or in direct daylight outside for a few hours is ideal.

You will know when you need to re-charge the sign with light as the ‘glow’ will start to fade.

Best location to fix your sign in your rear car window

The safest position for the sign is in your rear windscreen in an area that doesn’t obscure your view.  This will differ depending on your vehicle so we recommend fixing the sign in the bottom left or right hand corners initially, and then check your visibility in your rear view mirror and when looking directly out of the rear windscreen before settling on the sign’s final position.

Always ensure that you have a clear view of the road around you at all times.