Our Story So Far

As a parent and whilst working as a Health and Safety Manager for a large company, our first product was born with one clear vision – to enhance child safety on the road in a world of growing risks and dangers.

busy road with cars

Malibabi was founded in 2017 and jointly named after our daughter Mali and the Welsh word for baby: babi. Here at Malibabi we are committed to designing and supplying visual aids and other baby /child safety products to improve safety and save lives.

Our products are proudly designed and made in Wales.  Our daughter Mali isn’t just the inspiration behind our products and our name, she has also designed our logo, so its a real family business.

Our first product is a clean modern take on the baby on board and child on board vehicle safety signs, but with a difference.

Malibabi uses Photoluminescent technology to illuminate the sign in low light conditions, so it is still visible at night, in dark Wintry conditions and through tinted car windows.

both signs night
Signs ‘glowing in the dark’

Our sign also has a safety message on the back for the driver, which can be read in the rearview mirror to remind you to remove the sign when there is no baby or child in the vehicle which is important for the emergency services to know in the event of an accident.

There are so many variants of in-car baby and child on board signs that can actually distract from the message, and that aren’t even visible outside of daylight hours. Our version brings the sign back to basics, and makes the message clearer: to create maximum awareness for other road users that you have a baby/child on board to encourage safer driving around your vehicle.

We know as parents ourselves that your child’s safety is the most important thing in the world, so we designed a product to better meet these needs on the road.